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Published: Oct 28 Posted Under: Community

The Oaks at Portola Hills Model Homes: Beautiful Inside and Out

The interior of your new home is where you’ll experience many of your cherished memories with loved ones. But when you walk outside to watch the sunset on the patio you’ll want the exterior of your new home to be just as memorable. Baldwin & Sons is proud to build homes that also focus on the exterior design of your home. Each home has a blend of colorful stone, arching windows, stylish shutters and rustic garage doors. Learn more about how each feature brings out the character of these new homes then stop by our sales center to see for yourself.

Colorful Stone

The stone used for the homes of The Oaks at Portola Hills varies in color and size. Many of our model homes feature a lighter stone exterior with an ‘accent’ brick above the garage and below the windows. These stone features add a beautiful touch to an already vivid architectural design.

Arching Windows

Arching windows have been used in homes and buildings for almost 4,000 years for both support and design. Many of the windows of our new homes feature arches for the same reasons. They accentuate the exterior and draw the eyes to the curved lines. You’ll also find arching hallways and entry ways inside selected model homes.

Stylish Shutters

Window shutters have been used throughout the years both for looks and functionality. They have provided security, privacy, and aesthetics. Stylish shutters can have a big impact on the exterior of the home. Our model homes use window shutters to blend the colors used throughout the exterior and provide a rustic feel to the home.

Rustic Garage Doors

How many times have you overlooked the garage door on a beautiful home because it was standard? Our model homes set out to change that. We spent many hours planning an exterior that excites and delights every homeowner as much as the interior. To do this, we’ve used stone, window shutters, and arches on select elevations to draw the eyes. The final piece to the exterior of our homes was adding a garage door that not only brought together the colors of the home, but also gave residents a rustic feeling.

Stop by our Sales Center today and discover how each of these elements add to the character of your new home.


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